Protecting your Website from bots!

Unfortunately, there’s always a bad guy that wants your stuff!
In SA we are too aware of this and it happens on the internet too!

Protect your website and subscribers for only
R300 per year per website!

Security Features

This security Plugin we activate on your site will protect your website from the following: 

Price: R300 per year per website

Brute Force Protection

Get protection from hackers’ repeated attempts to gain access to your account with brute force protection.

Extended Lockouts

Set up Auto LOCKOUT for IPs after a max number of failed attempts. Optimal settings are pre-configured which you can change.

Detailed Logs

Get detailed logs of failed attempts and all other suspicious activity and easily monitor them on the go.

Rename Login Page

You can change the wp-login.php link to a custom one so only you know the login link and no one else will be able to log in

2FA via Email

Add a two-step security layer for login. Configure a two-factor authentication via email for secure login.

2FA via Mobile Apps

Configure a two-factor authentication via mobile or authenticator apps for secure login.

Email Notification

I will immediately receive email notifications of failed login attempts to take quick action against brute force.

Blacklist IP's

Create a list of untrusted IP addresses such users will be blocked from logging in to the website.

Whitelist IP's

Create a list of trusted IP addresses so such users will not be blocked from logging in to the website.

MD5 Checksum

Perform an MD5 checksum for CORE files of your website to know if someone changed anything or added malicious code to it.


reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse by using complex challenges to block malicious activities on the website.

Prevent Pingbacks

Disable pingbacks so the users can’t pingback your website and are safe from a DDOS attack.

These a few important mentions – and there are a few more safety features in the making!

Good idea to add monthly Support

By adding a monthly support package to your site we will dedicate time to reviewing and actioning any issues on your website.

What is website maintenance and support?
Website maintenance is the simple act of regularly checking your website for problems. To make sure the site is running smoothly, all plugins and back-end services are kept up to date and relevant.

This should be done monthly to ensure you’re always on the latest versions of the applications, plugins and services.

Buy, why do you need support or maintenance?
To ensure that your site is running smoothly.  It’s vital to regularly update and maintain your site.

Just like cars, websites require maintenance to operate properly.
Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors, boost returning traffic, and more.

*We can only keep the server back-end up to date if Udezine Hosting is hosting your website. We can’t make any guarantees for the ISP you’re using. 

** these are considered basic changes. Editing information on a page or product, updating an image or changing colours. New pages will be charged separately.

This is what our customers say

We have added a handful of reviews we've received from our customers. 

If you would like to be featured here, email your review to 

I have been working with Sandy from Udezine, I have to say I am happy to work with her. She immediately responds to any queries, she gives honest answers to questions and she's very professional with her approach to clients. Udezine has been reliable since we worked with them from November 2021.

Siyabonga Mngomezulu

Quantity Surveyor, Buya Nempumelelo

No one likes to change hosting companies as we all hate to lose emails and have downtime on our websites etc. Well, we entrusted Sandy from Udezine to do this for us at one of our busiest times of the year. What were we thinking?

Thankfully, what a bliss the transition was! Sandy was super helpful in backing up all our emails and then transferring late at night, so we didn’t have any interruptions.

Not only that, Udezine’s prices are highly competitive, and they include a personalized service like no other. I can’t tell you how easy it is to just a pop an email and ask for a reminder on a password, or to get a new one created and there it is, done within minutes. Simple. Just how we like it.

Thank you Udezine. Now you know why we entrust Udezine with all our work. From design to printing, to hosting, you name it.


Owner of, EcoFiber & Complete Pools

30 Days of Free Hosting

Yes, that's right! We don't bill you immediately!

We've noticed with some of the other hosting companies that bill you regardless of whether you joined on the 20th or the 2nd of the month, will bill you at the end of the month again!
That's where we're different. 

Our billing is at the 1st (first) of each month, so in order to get you to the 'next' first, we offer that in-between period for free! This helps our accounts department to set up the subscriptions for you.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about us, give us a call, drop an email or text us via WhatsApp.