Monthly Website Support Tier 3


Do you want peace of mind knowing your website is always running smoothly and saving up to R400 per month on maintenance?
With this support and maintenance package. Not only will your plug-ins and server back-end* services be kept up to date. We also offer 30 mins of maintenance for the entire month to update your website when you need it.

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This is a monthly service and will be billed on the 1st of the month.

We offer the following:
– Monthly Google Analytics Report
– Keep the WordPress Plugin & themes up to date
– Keep the back-end systems up to date
– Maintenance of your website for 30 mins of changes** per month
– Monthly Website back-up

We use PayFast as our subscription service. You’ll pay this first fee to initiate the service then we will create a monthly subscription.

*We can only keep the server back-end up to date if Udezine Hosting is hosting your website. We can’t make any guarantees for the ISP you’re using. 

** these are considered basic changes. Editing information on a page or product, updating an image or changing colours. New pages will be charged separately.


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